The Power in Purpose


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Imagine waking up every morning driven by your purpose, serving the type of clients and customers who value your work. Purpose is powerful, y'all. It's what drives us everyday to do the work that we do and serve our clients and team well. If you're struggling in your creative business right now-- I want you to ask yourself this question: why do you do what you do? It's not an easy question to answer by most entrepreneurs and we believe it's where most problems in business stem from. If you're struggling on business strategy, marketing, team building, sales -- aka ALL.THE.THINGS -- than it's likely you haven't connected with your purpose. But there's no need to fret-- you've come to the right place. Entrepreneurs who lead with their purpose are more successful, less likely to burn out, and deeply connected to why they do what they do. The Power in Purpose Podcast explores the unique stories behind some of the most successful creative entrepreneurs. How did they discover their purpose? What were they doing before they found success? How do they live and work each day on purpose, serving their customers better than any of their competition? What business lessons do they have to teach us? Purpose is the ♥ behind why we do what we do. As we uncover these unique stories, let’s uncover YOUR purpose too.

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