The Birth Experience with Labor Nurse Mama


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How do I actually push during labor? Should I get an epidural? Why is breastfeeding so hard? What exactly is Pitocin, and how much will induce labor? Is there a secret to having a successful VBAC? What happens if I poop during labor *shudder*? And oh yeah, how do I take care of a newborn? I know you’ve got a ton of questions and fears when it comes to giving birth. How? Because I’ve delivered thousands of babies as a labor nurse! I’ve seen it all...and as @labor.nurse.mama on IG, I’ve helped mamas all over the world stand up to their fears and walk into the labor room with confidence. The Birth Experience with Labor Nurse Mama is here to guide you through every step of your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I’ll show you how to embrace your inner feminine wisdom and teach you to feel totally comfortable owning the labor room. Your body was made to deliver this baby, mama...let’s face all those fears and doubts and answer those nagging questions — so you can be ready for the most important day of your life!

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