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By Rosie Alejandro | MS. Ed. | Christian Mindset Coach, Educator, Christian Mentor, Rosie Alejandro | MS. Ed. | Christian Mindset Coach, and Christian Mentor. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.
My beautiful sister. I see you. You want so badly to be close to God and to grow in your faith, but your time is so limited and your motivation is just not like it used to be. You read your bible-some times, if at all. You miss those days as a brand new Christian when your excitement was so great, and you were so on fire for God and His Word! You wonder, what happened? Why did my fire die down? Yet you still want to get back up and keep going but you don’t know how to stay consistent in the Word of God. Hey sister-I’m Rosie Alejandro- I’m an educator, a wife, mom of three, and devoted disciple of Jesus and I have been where you are now. I remember being so excited to read my bible every day but when the storms in my life came that affected both my motivation and my time, I just did not know how to keep it up. As a result, I started reading my bible less, and even praying less and started slowly distancing myself from my father in Heaven. So much so that I ended up leaving God and my church for 4 years-allowing sin to grow more and more in my life We all have storms in our lives that test our faith, but they are also an opportunity! The opportunity for you to beat the enemy at his game and to confidently recognize the lies from the truth. The enemy wants to bring you down, but when you root yourself in God’s word, He NEVER wins. I’m here to help you get back your passion for God’s word and to teach you how to get deeper into your bible even when you have very limited time. Sister-It’s time to reignite your faith in God, pursue your purpose of loving Him first, and live with intention in the study of His word. So are you ready? Then Let’s do this! Connect-> Podcast-> Community-> The Intentional Christian Woman Web-> Ready to get deeper into God’s word even with your limited time? Grab my free R.E.A.D. Bible Study Guide & Journal:

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