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My wife might not think that credit is cool, but there has got to be someone else in Canada that does! Even if you agree with my wife, you can’t deny that having good credit is important. That is why we welcome you to the Credit Game. Every 2nd Wednesday (and some random holidays), we will have a new episode for you. We will discuss different aspects of Equifax, TransUnion, and how you can always have amazing credit. Although Equifax and TransUnion exist in many countries our banking system is very different in Canada. I previously was a high-volume mortgage broker for 8 years. I learned that you can have a high credit score and still get declined. After studying thousands of credit reports for my first book published in 2012, I also learned many tricks to get your credit re-established and ready for best rate mortgage financing. I will pass on what I have learned over the last decade of removing errors/fraud from credit reports and teaching Canadians how to increase their credit score quickly and properly. My wife will try and make sure the content is not boring and make fun of me along the way!

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