Ep. 1 - The Future of Leadership and Management with Michael Johnson (President & CEO, Multiview Financials)


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“We ultimately believe that it’s our role as leaders, as coaches, to find out what about that individual is going to make them fulfilled and be able to achieve their best outcomes in both work and in life and in order to do that you have to be radically committed to that employee.”
- Michael Johnson
Do managers always have a negative reaction when a cherished employee decides to leave their team or even their company?
Why is it such a new idea that a leader should champion for what the individual employee wants first?
Michael Johnson is the president & CEO of Multiview Financials, a comprehensive financial and accounting software company. Michael started his career as a corporate accountant in the investment industry as an asset manager at AGF Management & Brookfield Renewable Energy Group before becoming CFO at Multiview.
In this episode Michael talks about how radical commitment to people is the foundation of a good leader and leaders need to take the wants of employees more seriously.
He also goes into detail about “boomerang employees” and how with the right company environment, your workplace may start seeing this phenomenon for itself.
Lastly, he discusses the importance of conflict on a team, why you should fire half your team if they’re all “yes people” and some wisdom Jean Chrétien, the 20th Prime Minister of Canada shared with him.
Tune in to hear all about how Michael’s leadership experiences and advice can help you improve your leadership style!

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