Ep. 3 - How You Can Build a Culture of Leadership at Work with Aydin Mirzaee (Co-Founder and CEO of Fellow.APP and Creator of the SuperManagers Podcast)


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Did you know that 70% of employee retention is based on their manager and no other factor? People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.

Aydin Mirzaee is the co-founder and CEO of Fellow.app, a meeting productivity platform that helps organizations have fewer, better meetings.

In this episode Aydin talks about how managers can influence team performance and shares his thoughts on why he thinks getting advice can be dangerous.

‍He also discusses statistics and studies that help explain why it’s necessary for you to incorporate missions, values and self-reflection in your management journey to improve your team or greater workplace dynamic.

‍Tune in to hear all about how Aydin’s leadership experiences and advice can help you improve your leadership style!

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