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The Textual Confidence Collective (TCC) promotes historic confidence in the text of Scripture through an exciting and info-packed seven-episode podcast. We observe three major approaches to the textual reliability of the Bible: Textual Skepticism Textual Absolutism Textual Confidence We resist a postmodern skepticism toward the text of Scripture, and any form of textual absolutism that would pick one translation of the text as final and jot-and-tittle perfect. The TCC takes a biblically faithful view of the divine origin, authority, and preservation of the text of the Bible. In seven episodes we introduce you to the TCC; examine the history and claims of Textual Absolutism; recover the Bible’s theology of providential preservation; and uncover the real story of Erasmus, the TR, and the KJB. We then take you by the hand and walk you through the materials, methods, and history of New Testament Textual Criticism and equip you to hold and promote confidence in the text of the Bible. Subscribe now at www.textualconfidence.com to get all the upcoming content. Join the movement. Connect to Confidence. Continue the legacy.

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