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Revival Fire for Kids with Tamera Kraft hosts the Ignite Kidmin Podcast. You might be wondering why you should listen to it. I’m sure there are many kidmin podcasts and trainings on leadership development and fun activities vying for your attention. If you like status quo kidmin where your students play a game, learn a Bible story, have a snack, and get a short lesson on how to be good or you want a Kidmin that rivals Disney and makes kids want to come back although it never really changes their lives, this is not your podcast. If you want your students to experience revival and the glory of God and become radical followers of Jesus, this is the podcast for you. Hold on tight. You never know what the Holy Spirit is planning. For more mentoring and resource opportunities, consider becoming a patron at https://revivalfire4kids.com/ignite-2/ To learn more about Revival Fire for Kids, visit their website at http://revivalfire4kids.net. For Building Pentecostal Foundations curriculum, visit https://www.mtzionridgepress.com/revival-fire-for-kids-children-s-mi

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