A Vision Of Angels: Meet Ros Place. What Is Her Vision Of Angels?


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The heart and soul of A Vision Of Angels is to share the many visions and connections people around the globe are experiencing every day in their own lives. Meet Ros Place Ros is a Guardian Angel Communicator, specialising in helping people to discover their life purpose, achieve their life goals to feel they are reaching their highest, most positive and most valuable personal potential. How did this all unfold for her? What led Ros in her personal experiences with the angels, to embark on this career? Let's find out! Anayah Joi Holilly and Carol Anne Cross share wonderful people, just like yourself from around the world, and their own personal vision of angels, and the different ways they work and connect with them in your everyday lives. Hearing others experiences so often becomes a bridge to our own understanding, and even our own ah-ha moments, don't you find? *CATCH ALL THE EPISODES, ANYTIME ON ANGEL LIGHT 777 .COM *

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