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Our lives are a continuous opportunity to grow, prosper and embrace all the good that's been, and is constantly being, Created for us. Sometimes, this all feels very challenging yet, once we elevate our perspective, we also begin to realise that as the leaves wither on the vine, new growth is ever present, and with each tender shoot, love prospers anew in our hearts, our minds, and our bodies, and supports our spiritual growth. Working with the angels helps us all to gain deeper, and deeper insights into ourselves, those around us, and to embrace all that brings us joy, while releasing all that does no longer serve us, or lifts us up. Welcome to ANGEL LIFE! Anayah, Trudy and Darren are delighted to bring you the angels wisdom, guidance, love and support. Call in if you'd like a helping hand from our angel team. Dial +1 (if you're outside the USA) (347) 202-0232 or USA (714) 583-6858 we’d love to talk to you! WRITE IN WITH YOUR QUESTION: If you can't call in, ask your question by writing to and put Angel Life Question in the subject line and we'd love to answer it for you on air.

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