Roman Reigns Heel Turn|NFC predictions|Carson Wentz|Bella Thorne


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Roman Reigns heel turn is what everyone is saying, but is it really a heel turn with Paul Heyman? Last night at WWE Payback we did see a different side of Roman Reigns where an argument could be made for a heel turn with Paul Heyman. What's your thougths? PWI top 500 rankings are out and Jon Moxley is number 1. Who would you have as your number 1? Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and the Detroit Lions predictions for the 2020 season. Tell us your predictions for your team. Carson Wentz and his health just can't catch a break. Good thing they drafted Jalen Hurts. Bella Thorne breaks Only fans. Why do people pay for such dumb things like this? --- Send in a voice message:

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