Funny Clouds w/ Raphaelle O'Neil Sun Oct 15/17


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Raphaëlle O’Neil is a climate engineering awareness activist & educator, and author of the children’s chemtrail book “Funny Clouds: A Chemtrail Tale”, illustrated by Sean Gautreaux. She is a mom, a massage therapist, and an actress, and long time overall freedom fighter going back her whole life, but after surviving recent assaults on the environment after Katrina and the BP oil spill, and discovering chemtrails, she has dedicated the past 8 years of her life to uncovering the truth about climate engineering and other government coverups- extending to issues of food, air, water and health, and the preservation of free speech and our human rights. Through her podcast Beyond the Veil, Raphaelle also explores,the issues of mind control and Luciferianism, having dated a survivor of Satanism (whose mom worked at Bohemian grove) while she was "awakening", years ago and ties it all together around the globalist agenda we see unfolding today. She has recently become a contributing climate engineering writer for The Liberty Beacon Project, where she along with others are trying to correct the very gate kept narrative of the chemtrail community. She recently helped expose the work of WeatherWar101 who shows another source of anthropogenic (man made) clouds- POWER PLANTS guided by NexRad, and most importantly recently discovered a secret about the hurricanes she says are 100% man made- that their eye is guided and goes RIGHT for the NexRad stations one after the other and have since before Katrina. She and her awesome team of regular concerned citizens are in the middle of researching just how many Hurricanes follow those strange odds and are currently working with others to change the chemtrail narrative into one that holds anthropological cloud makers responsible for the effects of their creations… regardless of the intent… in hopes of forcing greater scrutiny, integrity & accountability on the part of the public at large. She can be found on YouTube and now Bitchute as NOLAbutterfly. An educational children’s book entitled Funny Clouds: A Chemtrail Tale written by environmental activists and mom Raphaelle O’Neil was released on March 3, 2016 and was immediately debunked in the Amazon book review comment section. This is no surprise, as the book exposes environmental toxicities that are being emitted from airplanes in our global skies. ‘Funny Clouds’ and its illustrations by Sean Gautreaux portray an accurate depiction of an ongoing geoengineering program that has evolved since the 1990’s. In general, even though geoengineers such as David Keith have publicly admitted the existence and deployment of the weather modification programs, one being SRM (Solar Radiation Management), the clandestine projects are still not recognized by government officials and major news outlets. If the chemtrails are discussed on mainstream news, it is not to educate the viewers, and only serves to debunk the programs.

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