Comedy 5 from Mar 5, 2021


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Radio Free Vestibule - "Bulbous Bouffant"
Bob Newhart - "Stop It!"
Lewis Black - "Climate Change"
Phil Austin - "Art of the Insane"
Mike Toomey - "What it Was, Was a Strip Club"
Bob & Ray - "Garish Summit [507]"
Rowan Atkinson and Angus Deayton - "Fatal Beating"
Frantics - "Last Will & Temperament"
Lew Bedell - "Dear Madelyn"
Music behind DJ:
- "Fawlty Towers Theme"
Abbott & Costello - "Jonah & the Whale"
Hudson & Landry - "Nobody's Business"
Not the 9:00 News - "Hi-Fi Shoppe"
Congress of Wonders - "Pigeon Park"
Phil Austin - "Art of the Insane 2"
Ernie Kovaks - "Mr Question Man"
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre - "Taconite"
Clarke & Dawe - "Real News"
Andy Griffith - "White Lightning"
Music behind DJ:
Stu Hamm & Larry Mitchell - "Fleetwood Mac"
Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner - "Two-Hour-Old Baby"
Eddie Lawrence - "Blackouts of 1984"

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