End of the Line from Jan 3, 2012


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Fredrik - "Freak Factory"
Michel Waiscisz - "Dutchjazzcircus (excerpt)" - Crackle [Lucky Psychic Hut]
Daniel Blumin - "Love is..." - WFMU Reinterprets The Music Of Sun Ra: Interplanetary Remixes
Moniek Toeboasch - "Throatscratching" - I Can Dance [Lucky Psychic Hut]
Dylan Nyoukis & Carly Ptak - "Excerpt 1" - Unreleased [UBU]
Irma Glen - "Rose of God" - A Bridge to Higher Consciousness [Basement of Curiosities]
Moniek Toeboasch - "I Can Dance" - I Can Dance
Zenith Radio Corporation - "How a Hearing Aid Can Help" - Getting Through: A Guide to Better Understanding of the Hard of Hearing [Basement of Curiosities]
Pierro Ciani - "Trax 160784" - VA: Italic Environments
Human Sexual Response - "Butt Fuck" - Fig. 15
Cathy Berberian - "Girl" - Beatles Arias
Stanley Silverman - "One and Two!" - Elephant Steps (A Fearful Radio Show)
Forenzics - "Motor Systemz Collisionz" - Build Ruins [Free Music Archive]
Zellrasen - "Foodee-Doodee" - S/T [Free Music Archive]
Henry Mancini - "Cream Puff" - Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation OST
Staff Benda Bilili - "Sala Mosala" - Tres Tres Fort
Factor Burzaco - "Inmemorian (excerpt)" - Il
Nondor Nevai - "Untitled" - The Best of Nandor Nevai [Pukekos]
Beatles/Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock/Jim French
Nihilistics - "Here and Now" - S/T
Zeek Sheck - "Ghostrem's Left Leg" - Careco http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/43343

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