Feet on Sweaty Face from Oct 24, 2012


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Poino - "Bad Bag" - Moan Loose [Poino on Bandcamp]
Gay Witch Abortion - "Wonder Air Stories" - Live on Brian Turner's Show on WFMU 10/2/12 [Free Music Archive]
Niebiesko Czarni - "Narodzil Sie" - Rock Opera Naga [Mutant Sounds]
Charles Hayward - "Time and Motion" - Survive the Gesture
Andy Slater - "Rejected Theme Song" - Space Station Afterparty
Janko Nilovic - "Disconnected Song" - Funky Tramway
Cible - "Anarchie" - 7" [Tony Coulter's posts on BoTB]
Original Innocence - "Jungle Law" - Original Innocence [Free Music Archive]
Werner Pirchner - "Welches Durch Sein Verhalten" - Ein Halbes Doppelalbum [Mutant Sounds]
Irene Moon - "Exporation of Food Sources" - Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon [Free Music Archive]
Tep - "No Meme" - Humble [Free Music Archive] http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/47914

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