ct087 How to Know if Online Teaching is Right for You?


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A podcast with a twist; present Marisa invites past Marisa and her friend Susannah Conway, 2 Creative Women Business Owners sharing their thoughts on how they chose to follow their passions, build their businesses and share their stories and knowledge - at a time when teaching online had just began, laptops started to come with build in web cams, and no one really knew what a podcast was?! When you listen to us talk almost 8 years this month, you'll hear all of the same fears we had to overcome to pursue what we love the most. You are not alone. And now more than ever you can get the support you need!

Susannah and I are both so glad that we followed our desires and answered that call. And I know our students are too.

If you've contemplated teaching, or are already teaching in person - but have been on the fence for any number of reasons; not enough time, tech overwhelms you, you don't know where to begin, how to translate what you teach in person online, or don't know what you'd share? fear you don't have the "qualifications" or "credibility"? I invite you to consider this incredible opportunity to fulfill a purpose, to transform your life and the lives of others!

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