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Going with the flow, I switched topic plans for this week's episode when I realized that the day I was recording this was my actual 1 year anniversary return to Podcasting. December 12, 2017. I decided to capture in real time - a slice of life - reflection of the past year including: what it's been like to return to the podcasting world, some suggestions to consider if you are wanting to start your own podcast, why it's important to go for things even if you don't feel "you're ready", how to recognize a feeling of "aliveness", and a glimpse into what I envision for 2019 and the kind of teacher and podcasterI want to be.

A very loose, conversational episode that covers a {quite a few} different topics, plus 101 thank you's for listening this year.

THANK YOU for listening this past year! For supporting and encouraging me to keep going while I found my way back into this world. xo Marisa

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