193 How to Balance it "All" with Casting Director, Modern Quilter and Author Alyssa Haight Carlton


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(Is it even possible?) as a mom, business owner, and multi-passionate Creative to find balance? - Meet Alissa Haight Carlton, modern quilter, author, Emmy nominated (Project Runway and Making the Cut) casting director and co-founder of Vital Casting, fabric designer and original co-founder of the Modern Quilt Guild, living in Los Angeles. Join us as we pull back the curtain on not one, but 3 different Creative Industries, from compensation, to valuing your work, to how to choose your priorities as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, the (real) secret to success and ~wait for it ~ what it's really like to work with Tim Gunn.

Find all things Alissa Haight Carlton at AlissaHaightCarlton.com and her new casting company VitalCasting.com and on Instagram @alissahaightcarlton

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