E41: Kane turns 40, what it means to him.


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So today I turn 40. It’s often thought of as a landmark age, like turning 10 or 13 or 18 or maybe 21. However it’s also usually defined by one simple, undeniable fact: you’re getting older........my 3 year old tells me this every time I ask him how old I am: "I am 3.....you are 40" followed by a cackle....thanks little buddy. Does turning 40 itself bother me? Not really. But am I going to celebrate turning 40? Not really, well nothing big anyway. I'm really only one day older....but overnight maybe you do become more aware of mortality (well really your own mortality). So does turning 40 itself bother me. Not really....does getting older bother me. Yes of course it does. What does turning 40 mean to me?

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Is the modern man a hunter or a gentleman? A manual labourer or a technophile? In today's culture the modern man usually is a mix of many things. The modern man must be adaptable.

Gender roles are changing and blending together and the stay-at-home dad or part time dad population is growing.

More fathers than ever are participating in their children's nurturing and upbringing.

The thing is that fathers and mothers come into the parenting process differently though. For the mother, the connection is biological. It's a part of her.

Fathering, on the other hand, is less so. Therefore, it's important for men to learn the skills they need to be a good dad. For some guys it's more intuitive, like kicking a football, but most guys need a coach or some direction.

DADDY EATS LAST discusses what it means to be a man and a father in modern society and all the issues that comes with both.

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