35: Top PDR Website Must Do's


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Having a really good and functional paintless dent removal website is a must! What are some important things you need to have in or on your PDR site? Find out and listen what you can add and improve for your current PDR site. Don't want to do it yourself? Need a new or add another domain? Check out https://www.thebestpdrwebsites.com

Want to see a fully built and capable paintless dent removal website in action? Check out my latest website build https://www.dentremovalsandiego.com

I bring a couple guests on (Ryan Brewer https://www.dentprousa.com) and (Jason Huddelston https://www.dentlion.com) and they talk about their sites.

Topic mentions we recommend you have in or on your website.

  • Relevant SEO Title Tag
  • Call To Actions
  • Video
  • Chat Box
  • Optimized Website
  • Compelling Photos
  • Click to Call
  • Click to Text
  • Fast Loading
  • Keyword Text w/ Cities

Those are just SOME of the important things you need to have on your website. It's your 24/7 sales person and making it a priority investment doing it right is a no brainer.

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Anson Open House (April 19 Sat Arlington, TX)


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