S5 E1 - Criminalizing Survival: Homelessness and the Law (Part 1)


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This episode is the first of a two part series examining the complexity of addressing homelessness. In Los Angeles in particular, as the voters were passing measures for significantly increasing the amount of money available to address homelessness and help people find housing, the city continued to enforce ordinances that violated the civil rights of people who did not have a home. In this episode, we speak to UCLA Professor Will Watts, who heads up our Veteran's Legal Clinic, to discuss how both actions existed side by side, the perspectives people bring to addressing homelessness, and how to understand the problem holistically. In the next episode we continue speaking with Professor Watts, as well as hear from Shayla Meyers, who was on the legal team seeking the protection of the civil rights of people who were unhoused. Hosted by Zach Morris and Jeremy Weese Produced by Chris McGill Music provided by Soleternity.

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