Ep. 50 - Want to Make Money Eating Pickles Near a Microphone?

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There's a very strange thing going on right now, and people are making money from it.

It's called ASMR, and from what I can tell, it involves eating pickles really close to a microphone, tapping on party hats, and talking a lot of nonsense (on purpose).

Since you're probably skeptical, here's a link to a video of youtuber that has made 10K off of one video doing these exact things!


But I'm not here to make fun of ASMR people, or whatever you call them. I'm making a point that there are really weird niches, and people are using them to make a living doing things that they really enjoy!

So grab a jar of pickles, start whispering into the mic, and cash those checks, baby!

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