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An Amazing interview with Rachel for the Fail Fast Podcast, please listen to the podcast and leave us a nice review :) The below is the transcript of the conversation between Quin and Rachel Quin Amorim: Okay everyone, welcome to the Fail Fast podcast. Today we have a special guest from North Carolina, she’s a freedom coach, an author, a mother and with us today we have Rachel Gilmore. How are you, Rachel? Rachel Gilmore: I’m wonderful, thank you, thank you so much for having me here today. Quin Amorim: Rachel being a coach, mother, speaker all of these. How do you have time? Rachel: That’s a really good question people ask me that all the time. I think it’s about being very intentional about where you spend your time. That’s the biggest thing, because we all have time for the thing that we love, and we enjoy, right? Quin Amorim: That’s true, yes. Rachel Gilmore: They make time yeah so, I think time is something that a lot of people use as an excuse. Quin Amorim: So, Rachel why don’t you tell us what is, what’s a freedom coach? Rachel Gilmore: So, for me a freedom coach is I work with clients who are primarily entrepreneurs or small business owners. People who are here to serve humanity at a greater capacity, they are not here to be average they are here to be extraordinary and so many of them decided to become entrepreneurs or to become business owners because they have like this internal drive. And so that internal drive is like motivating force behind them right, but so many of them are so caught up in the doing that they lose sight of themselves. And so, they get burned out they get exhausted they start having health problems or their relationships aren’t great and so they come to me and they are like they are at this place in their life where some things falling apart and somethings not right, and what I do is I help them discover the truth of who they are. Like who they really are helping to get clarity on themselves, and so that they can be authentic, and they can be vulnerable, and they can show up from this place of freedom to express themselves to truly authentically be themselves and when you do that you show up in the world as your most authentic self you not only give other people permission to be there most authentic self. But you no longer care like you’re not motivated by the fears that once motivated you, motivated by like your highest purpose you’re motivated by something far greater and that’s freedom. You know and, in that places, when you’re in alignment when you’re operating from your own heart space from your authentic space then I believe that when you’re in alignment everything else opening up. o, your relationships will improve, your business will improve, you’ll have more clients you’ll have all the things that you’re looking for and then you have more freedom to have more time freedom to travel to explore to have adventures to do all the things that you love. So it’s coming back to knowing yourself it’s kind of the beginning of having total freedom. Quin Amorim: Very good. And talking about the having the time for travel I notice that you don’t stop your everywhere is that right? Rachel Gilmore: Yes, so I caught this ah travel bug if you will, and I’ve always loved traveling I’ve done a lot of traveling within the United States I got west every chance that I get and I love to explore and see new places and recently I spent five weeks in south-east Asia exploring through Thailand’s and Indonesia and it was the most life-changing experience I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been working personal development and self-help and all of these things for so many years I mean really like since I was nineteen so for the last almost twenty years I’ve been working on this. And that five weeks of being outside of my comfort zone of being in a new environment of being on the other side of the world, it really catapulted me to a whole new level of being and the reality of freedom that my life will never be the same ever again. Quin Amorim: That is, that’s amazing and you mentioned being outside of your comfort zone that’s something that’s very important to me, because I know when I’m outside of my comfort zone it means that I feel that I’m going to achieve something. I’m either going to have a big favor or I’m going to have some big success. And that’s one of the reasons of this podcast is to actually let people know that it’s a good thing to be outside of your you know outside of what you know and have a bit of fear. Rachel Gilmore: Yes. All change happens outside of your comfort zone. I mean all change does, that’s the only way you can change really is getting outside of your comfort zone. To read the rest please go to FailFastPodcast.com

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