Is Steve Bannon Out of Friends in Washington DC, or Will He Be Back?


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On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss how former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon fell out of favor with President Trump and why his future in US politics may be over. How has Bannon also ruffled feathers in European politics, and how has Breitbart News changed following his departure from the site?
Teodrose Fikre - Co-Founder and Former Editor of & Current Chair of Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy | Why is Political Tribalism on the Rise?
Zach Daniel - Emmy Award winning Chief Meteorologist for WTVR in Richmond | Devastating Tornadoes and Flooding Strike the US
William Craddick - Founder of Disobedient Media | Steve Bannon's Political History & Understanding QAnon
Rising tribalism in the US political landscape has caused a significant percentage of the public to become increasingly hostile towards their perceived political adversaries especially following the election of President Trump. Writer and Political Analyst Teodrose Fikre joins Garland and Lee in-studio for a conversation about the nature of tribalism in politics, how economic inequality contributes to this issue, and how people get easily caught up in this trend which is often unproductive to bringing about significant change.
Tornadoes and floods have devastated many communities in the midwestern United States in recent weeks causing serious hardship for people living in those areas. Emmy Award Winning Meteorologist Zach Daniel returns to the show to talk about what causes these severe weather events to occur, the threats these storms can pose, and what you should do if a tornado or flash flood warning occurs in your area.
For the final segment, the hosts are joined by William Craddick, Founder of, to discuss President Trump's former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and his history in politics. Additionally, they analyze the strange QAnon saga, how it has manipulated members of the public, and why it could be studied for information warfare purposes in the future.

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