Paul Mann Lucifers Legions: Exposing the Psychopathic system


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Paul Mann Lucifers Legions: Exposing the Psychopathic system and those hiding within. Lucifers Legions The Psychopath, an unrelenting self absorbed murderer, recognisable in those so often portrayed on the big screen. Hollywood and mainstream media are together involved in mass deception on many levels. On hearing the word "Psychopath" we immediately consider the usual suspects - Gacy, Dahmer, Bundy, Shipman etc. Yet Psychopaths come in many forms and more importantly kill on many levels. The media proffer such acronyms as N.P.D = Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Or B.P.D = Borderline Personality Disorder, yet these titles are hiding a great truth. That truth being - these disorders when broken down are exact in there composition to that of psychopathic behaviour. Individuals with these "Disorders" kill innocent people in many ways, most noticeably through mental and emotional abuse. The fact is we're surrounded by Psychopaths in all area's of our lives. From governmental rulers to the person next door, and even closer to home - a family member. In "Lucifers Legions" I expose through my experiences and the experiences of others the nature and rise of the psychopath, the reasons for there rapid increase and the greatest psychopath of all time, ending with constructive and successful ways to beat these destructive people. Is there a person in your life that leaves you feeling drained, low, and full of self doubt? If so, you could well be in the clutches of a psychopath!!!

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