Alabama Man Free of Sickle Cell, Amber Guyger Sentence, Joshua Brown Murder,  Atatiana Jefferson Murder


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In this weeks episode of the Freedom Train Podcast Series, Joseph and Patrick cover some current events, they also introduce you to a new podcaster debuting her podcast on the Freedom Train Network.
Our guest host and newest member of the Freedom Train family is Mrs. Shelby Davis with her podcast, Shelby's World. Shelby's World is a Podcast experience inclusive of motivation, encouragement and excelling in Everyday Life. Aimed to reach the culture and society by allowing the world to envelope the thoughts of a Brown Skin girl!
The three discussed A black man from Alabama is deemed sickle cell free due to new treatment. Amber Guyger gets 10 years for the murder of Botham Jean. Witness in the Guyger Jean trial Joshua Brown was murdered after testifying. A black Fort Worth woman was murdered in her home buy a rogue police officer. They also briefly discussed the Trump Impeachment, the Hong Kong Protest, Tyler Perry' opening his own film studio, Kenyan doctor believe UNICEF is sterilizing their women through vaccines. Tune in!!!

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