Episode 078 | "Not That Into You"


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Si & Veronica recovered after our Music Midtown festival weekend to bring you our 78th (that looks so weird, right?) episode! We will be giving thanks for a lot great music this November with Rihanna, Drake, The Weeknd AND MORE all slated to have albums dropping then. What a nice bday gift for Si! Vee’s girl Lizzo let her hanger get the best of her by going off on twitter about her Postmates driver… but she did apologize and delete the tweets. The pod duo is uneasy about there being a whole tour for a hologram Whitney Houston. Vee went “Yikes!” to her mans Joe Keery aka Steve “The Hair” Harrington on Stranger Things cutting his hair into some haphazard bangs. Her real yikes was to SNL firing Shane Gillis only four days after he was hired because of his plethora of racist and bigoted content. What does it mean when someone texts only “super hectic” to your conversation starter? We break it down. Paradise is closed and so are some relationships from the beach. Blake made a fool of himself in the hot seat but at least we had Demi and Kristian’s cuteness as a palate cleanser! Look back on our Instagram stories/highlights for our #TipsyTalks commentary on it! Join us for what is always a good time and leave us a rating and review for a shoutout! Thanks to you all who have subscribed!


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