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In this episode, we interview Daryl and Johanna Calfee. We discuss two unique concrete projects that we were able to do for the Calfees.

For their personal residence, they asked us to turn a 100 year old concrete slab that was covered in glue and old mortar into a finished living room floor.

For one of their restoration projects, they asked us to create white concrete countertops for the kitchen.

Both projects had unique challenges, and it was fun to discuss them with Daryl and Johanna.

Visit this link to see photos of the projects we discuss on the show.

Daryl & Johanna are funny birds. These two have been married for almost 15 years and in that time have worked in Broadcasting, Marketing, Photography, Design...they have both been college professors and the managed to produced 2 really cool little girls - Ella and Easton. Since 2009, when they bought their first commercial property, "D & Jo" have been steadily plugging away at both residential remodels and commercial projects as their side hustle. With 15 projects in the books, these two talk about their "spirit drinks" and their use of concrete in creative ways throughout their projects. The couple describes their mistakes and wins with countertops, floors and how to make a standard poured pad a little more interesting for zero extra mulla.

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