Episode 10: Jayne Caldwell & Quincy Hewitt


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Jayne Caldwell and Quincy Hewitt started playing football in Australia. They loved playing so much that they moved to the US to play in the LFL, the highest level possible for women. LFL stands for Legends Football League, but many people know it as its previous name, the Lingerie Football League. They both play for the Chicago Bliss, a force every season in the LFL. Jayne is the quarterback and Quincy is her tight end. If you have ever seen a game then you know these women take football serious. Jayne and Quincy are great athletes, fierce competitors, and they're beautiful. My girlfriend plays for the Bliss as well, so I got to know Jayne and Quincy over the past couple of years. I recently caught up with my "mates" in Chicago to talk about the upcoming LFL season. We also discussed controversial topics such as the criticism the league has dealt with and creepy fans that request game worn socks and panties.

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