Episode 12: Jeff Koen


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Today’s guest on Keepin’ It A Hundo is Jeff Koen (pronounced Kee-Own). I played high school football with Jeff, but more importantly he now makes a living as a standup comedian and a part time dog sitter. Growing up Jeff was always the funniest kid in the room, unless Johnny Heck had a a six pack in him. We recently sat down at The King's Grant Inn on Rt 128 in Beverly to discuss how a spin-kick at Lynch Park changed his life, Joe's Pizza vs. Little Italy, and how his vindictive Sicilian grandma slapped him with a lawsuit. Please be advised names and locations have not been changed to protect the identity of those discussed on the Keepin’ It A Hundo podcast. We apologize in advance if anybody is offended. If you were mentioned in this podcast chances are we love you, but there is a also the possibility we do not and the only reason your name came up is because you did something you shouldn't have.

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