Episode 20: Andrew Jang


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This is another story about an immigrant child that came to the US with nothing. Andrew Jang was adopted from an orphanage in South Korea by an American family. He was raised on a farm, in a rural town in Iowa, in a house full of adopted kids. This isn't exactly the recipe for a successful career in fashion. Despite his lack of interest in sports, his clothing line Adriaen Black fits and styles many of the top names in the NBA and NFL. He is a tailor, a stylist, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Last year he donated half a million dollars worth of coats to kids at public schools in the Bronx. It’s safe to say Andrew’s passion for helping less fortunate kids can be traced back to his hardscrabble upbringing. "Fake it til u make it" is a popular saying. I did my best to try and keep up with Andrew in our conversation. Fashion and suit designing is not my forte. But I really enjoyed getting to know him and hearing his story. He’s an easy guy to root for. Here’s my conversation with my new friend Andrew Jang.

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