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Jen Hedrick + Angie Comiteau - On a lovely Saturday afternoon Jen and Angie stopped by my home to talk about their journey in building the first Bar Method studio outside of California in 2008 and being tapped to help Bar Method create an expansion plan on how to open up nationally. Both had had successful careers prior to meeting each other at a local music class for their children. They became fast friends as they talked about feeling out of shape and disconnected from their community. On the outside it may look like creating their extremely successful business was easy. It was not. Like any entrepreneur setting off on a new course they had fearful thoughts - what if no one liked the workout, what if they failed, and could they pull it off. But together they felt courage. At the time, Bar Method had just a handful of studios located only in California. Not only did Jen and Angie launch what became a very lucrative business in their town, but it ignited the expansion of the Bar Method franchise up and down the east coast, resulting in New Jersey hosting the most Bar Method studios next to California. Jen and Angie's drive and determination to create a quality, superior, safe, effective exercise experience ran parallel with their inspiration to create a supportive community. While a financially successful business was welcome, money was NOT their driving motivation. They set out to start the business for the experience, the journey and the excitement. Along the way they realized the true gold in their business - the community they were building - being a way to connect with others and an opportunity to promote kindness and support, resulting in a business that has a soul. Let's Figure It Out with Jen Hedrick and Angie Comiteau. You can catch Angie in her sold out classes in Summit, and in the coming months, Jen will be back on the schedule in Summit leading classes women line up for. For more information about Bar Method and a class near you, visit We'll be watching to see what Jen and Angie have up their sleeves next.

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