Interview with Shawn DiMartile, an air traffic controller who now runs a multi-family real estate portfolio of almost 500 apartments


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Shawn is an apartment investor, Co-host of The Multifamily Takeoff Podcast, Co-founder of Pacific 3 Capital, and Co-host of the Beers & Deals REI networking event in San Diego, California. Shawn got started in real estate investing when he purchased a 32-unit apartment in Greenwood, Indiana. Today, he and his partners own 183 apartment units and are in the process of expanding to 482 units this year. Shawn’s business model is to purchase cash-flowing but under-performing apartment communities in growing markets. Over a 3-5 year period, he adds value to the tenant class by improving their living condition and experience of the property, as well as increase operational efficiencies to improve the bottom line. While under his management, investors receive cash flow distributions and a lump sum payout at the point of sale. For his day job Shawn still works as an air traffic controller. For fun, he enjoys backpacking in the wilderness for days at a time in our National Parks.

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