Mastering Money 10/11/19


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Question: do the rich GET rich at the expense of the poor? Many people believe that the rich ONLY become rich at the expense of OTHERS. This world view is called “zero-sum thinking” because its adherents regard economic life as a zero-sum game, just like tennis, where one player has to lose for the other to win. Dr. Rainer Zitelman, writing in Forbes pointed out the flaw of zero-sum thinking. Zitelman was awarded his first doctorate in 1986 and his second Ph.D. in 2016-- and has written 22 books. In Forbes, Zitelman recalled the German poem: “Said the poor man with a twitch: Were I not poor, YOU wouldn’t be rich.” Today, we'll explore how Zitelman blows up that myth in a special evidence-based report you don't want to miss. Then Steve reveals cutting edge tips for building retirement wealth the SMART way. ...MASTERING MONEY is on the air!

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