A Covid-19 First Account Native Americans Ignored


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We open today's episode with a first person account who currently has Covid-19. You hear the frustration in their words and the difficulty coping. They're your typical family with a working husband, housewife, and 3 kids. The members of the Klamath Indian tribe plus 3 other tribes are treated shabbily by David Burnhardt, the Interior Secretary. Did we mention that he's a darling of the oil & gas industry taking care of our public lands? Yeah. Right! Lamborn graces us with his usual El Toro Doo Doo. You won't believe what he's espousing. We knows he doesn't write this stuff.

Lyn goes on a rant about "Ethnic Cleansing." People will be losing their Covid-19 protections. What will they do? What will the government do? More newly homeless on our streets? Will there be a second relief package on it's way or is Moscow Mitch going to be the one to steal Christmas in August?

Former Ohio governor John Kasich and columnist George Will (prominent Republicans and conservatives), will be voting for Joe Biden. Will there be a Supreme Court vacancy? Who will it be?

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