DQXI Isn't Innovative? Alternate Final Fantasy Stories, Bad Games We Enjoyed (Ft. BioPhoenix)


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- Introducing BioPhoenix (2:28) - BioPhoenix - Yakuza Kiwami 2 (06:12) - Eric - The Messenger (11:13) - Hat - Cosmic Star Heroine (14:17) - Cosmic Star Developer Comments on Nintendo (15:29) - Dragon Quest XI Reviews (27:20) - What games have each of you really enjoyed that were largely disliked by many people, and why/ how did you find enjoyment in them? (43:40) - Listener Question: What side stories or alternate stories would you like to play from a FF series? (01:04:57) - Grandia Comment (01:13:47) - Langrisser/Warsong 1 & 2 on Switch & PS4 (01:18:39)

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