PCCMI Morning Worship: 2020/12/13: Christmas Sermon Series #3: Christmas Through the Eyes of a Woman


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The December 13th, 2020 Morning Worship Service at Plainfield Christian Church in Comstock Park, MI

Preacher: Bruce Wilson

Youth Minister: Brady Jester

Children’s Minister: Wade Harrier

Worship Leader: Katie Winstanley

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Songs: CCLI #2228009


Christmas Sermon Series # 3

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Woman


Luke 1:26-39

Genesis 18:14

Luke 1:45-55

Luke 2:34


Mary’s Reaction

  1. Troubled.

  • The emphasis is on the Lord being with Mary, not on any merit that she has on her own.

  1. Afraid.

  2. Uncertain.

Mary’s Reminder

I can’t always control my reaction but my response is my responsibility.

Sarah responded wrongly while Mary responded rightly.

Let’s declare – “nothing is impossible with God.”

Mary’s Response

  1. Offered herself as a servant.

  1. Moved quickly.

    1. Here’s the principle: When we know, we must go!

  1. Sought a mentor.

  1. Gave glory to God.

  1. Carefully reflected.

  • Treasured (Luke 2:19a).

  • Pondered (Luke 2:19b).

  • Marveled (Luke 2:33).

Mary’s Reality

  1. God often calls us to do more than we think we can do but He never calls us to do more than He can do.

  1. God uses ordinary people who are available and obedient.

  1. God often shatters our dreams so He can give us new ones.

  1. Always do what God tells you to do even if it doesn’t make sense.

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