146 - Use The M.E.D.I.C. Strategy to Raise Your Fees


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To command the highest fees for your services, become a M.E.D.I.C. and only deliver the
M - Minimum
E - Effective
D - Dose to
I - Ideal
C - Clients
Ask yourself… Am I fit for what they desire to achieve?
IF YES, make them an appropriate offer.
If NOT, with their best interests in mind and from your perspective, refer them to the ideal person for their next steps. Make an introduction.
If you are a fit for them, you’ve got to act in their best interest. Be the person that truly helps them out.
- Minimum information
- Shortest path
- No fluff
- Offer truth in unconditional love
- Have their stated goal in mind
- Filter down information
- Recommend shortcuts
- Action-oriented​ feedback
- Refuse to serve those YOU are not ideal for
- Refuse to oversell
- Refuse to undersell
- Refuse to underserve
- Refuse to undercharge
By doing so, you will protect your fees and increase the value of your services while increasing the predictability of your results.
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