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In this fourth installment of a 1989 Terence McKenna workshop he begins with one of his more detailed accounts of the meme he launched about a transcendental object at the end of time. After first examining what humanity might be like without the clothing of culture. Although this most likely came up before, it is the first time that I remember him saying that his hypothesized transcendental object at the end of time was not an object but rather was more like a being. Here is his exact quote: "This transcendental object probably is more like a being than an object. I just call it a transcendental object to keep those issues out of it when we try to think of it as an at tractor. No, it's a mind. It's an organizing entelechy. It is THE mind. It's probably the mind that you call your mind." This may change much of what we think about Terence's concept of the eschaton.

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