'What's happening in Haiti is an embarrassment to the US' - Brian Concannon


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It’s been reported that the group of Americans accused of conspiring against the Haiti government have been allowed to return to the US after being detained since Sunday for the possession of illegal weapons. The group, which included 5 US nationals, one Serb and one Russian, were flown back to the US in what the State Department said was ‘coordinated with the Haitian authorities’. At the time of their arrest, the foreigners had been traveling in two vehicles without license plates, and were equipped with military grade weapons, body armor and drones. It was reported earlier in the week that at least one of the group may have connections to a private security company and a US military background. Anti-government protests erupted in Haiti in July, over a proposed gas price rise but have continued ever since, fueled by popular discontent over government corruption. Less than 20 percent of the Haitian population elected the current US-backed government, giving it little popular legitimacy. Sputnik spoke to Brian Cancannon, Director for the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti.

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