Author & Comedian B.J. Mendelson:Comic Memoir, Life as Mall Santa, Backseat Cows, Freezer Rats-Ep.39


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In this episode, we talk writing, reading and all manner of hilarious, bookish topics with author and comedian B.J. Mendelson. We delve into some of B.J.’s fascinating work surrounding social media and privacy. Kaisha demands that we bring back the urban pack donkey. B.J. chats about the challenges of self-funding in publishing as he discusses his comic book, Vengeance, Nevada. We talk about the difficulty in representing friends and loved ones in creative writing. B.J. reveals the trickiness with Amazon release procedures. We dig into reading pet peeves, especially when an author kills off all their characters, which lead us to a conversation about the importance of boredom and Kaisha watching a pot of water boil. B.J. relates his favorite reading moments and brings up the benefits of having a one-on-one author reading opportunity as well as the beauty of finding books that blow your mind. Find full show notes at

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