Ep. 15 Build trust with customers

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This week, we're talking about trust! one of the most vital aspects of business. How can you make your audience trust you more and what will it do for your business?
Trust is all about relationships.
Relationships are all about emotional connection.
Emotional connection is all about understanding.
How do you create understanding?

    your story personality - consistent tone of voice values - shared promises - the way your customers experience your values

How do you create an emotional connection?

    people will feel for your business and brand if they can connect with you on those 4 points branding is all about psychology. psychology is all about emotions. brand design can have a huge impact on the subconscious here psychology of colour = red for excitement/passion, yellow for happiness/joy, blue for calm and serenity. different meaning sin different cultures however. font psychology - serifs vs sans serifs, scripts etc. shape psychology - circles - warmth, friendship, triangles - power and dynamism. Need to know what your audience likes and use elements that will make them feel a certain way. trust is more important than uniqueness

content report
Rand Fishkin - seo from Moz at Unbounce. Writing a book
heart, soul & hustle - heartsoulhustle.com - Zach Spuckler - facebook ads, listbuilding - great podcast interviewing business owners with their stories about starting out and how they've found success.

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