DBT 313: Robert Dugoni – A Cold Trail (Tracy Crosswhite Book 7)


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Robert Dugoni is one of my favorites.

This is the seventh Tracy Crosswhite book to come out, and all are just so great. Dugoni really writes so well, and Tracy really jumps out of the page into your mind.

Robert is one of 10 children, and you will hear about that. Also he teaches classes and is so supportive of other writers.

And then, right in the middle of the interview, POW, he hits me with a huge revelation that still has me wondering. WOW, how do people get through things?

There is movie and tv news too. Listen as Robert tells you all.

The way I got to know Robert is extraordinary, too. I dialed his home phone number from his website. And that was 5 million books ago, as in that is how many he has sold, but it is actually more than that now.

Robert is s a good friend, and I look forward to you hearing this interview.

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