Nick Loeb Interview


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Today on The Neil Haley Show, Neil Haley will interview Nick Loeb. Mr. Nick Loeb is a producer, director and actor who began his career at Universal Studios focused on M&A in corporate development and then in motion picture finance. He went on to work on his first feature film, Primary Colors directed by Mike Nichols and starring John Travolta. Mr. Loeb then began the International Production Company (IPC), producing The Smokers (2000) with executive producer Quincy Jones. IPC went on to partner with Barbara Streisand to produce the five episode award winning documentary, The Living Century (2001). Since then he has worked on several films over the last 20 years, with stars like Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, Gerard Butler, Jon Voight, Tyson Beckford, Billy Zane and Sean Astin, among many others. His next film is Roe V. Wade, a project that he co-wrote and co-directed, and also has one of the leading actor roles, playing Dr. Bernard Nathanson. Roe V Wade is releasing in April.

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