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Can homeschoolers get "real" socialization?

What happens when your spouse no longer supports your choice to homeschool?

Is University one of the best measures of a successful homeschooler?

Milva McDonald joins me on this episode. She shares her homeschool experience and knowledge.

Milva is the mother of four adult children and proud grandma of one. She said goodbye to school and the PTA and began homeschooling in 1991.

For three decades she worked for The Boston Globe and writing and reporting about arts and cultural events in the Boston area. She is a founder of Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts (AHEM) and served on its Board of Directors for more than a decade. Milva has two books, Unschoolers and Slow Homeschooling. She blogs at

Homeschool Fears

In this episode Milva tackled some of the biggest homeschool fears and criticisms. An unsupportive spouse, socialization, community and getting into college. Milva brings to this discussion her 21 years of experience homeschooling and raising a family. She shares her own personal stories of how she worked through her obstacles and fears.

What happens when your spouse no longer supports the choice to homeschool? Milva's family changed after she and her husband divorced. How did their family and homeschool adjust?

Socialization~ Is this a real issue for homeschoolers? Or does the question of socialization border on intolerance? Milva references her own blog post that she felt compelled to write~ Is Socialization Overrated? Well? Is it?

Community was extremely important for Milva's family, especially because their homeschool journey began soon after homeschooling was legalized in the US. Is community still as important today? How does community help us to flourish?

Slow Homeschooling~Making conscious choices about how you spend your time. What does this mean to Milva and her family? How did they focus on relationships and pursue their passions?

Unschooling~ Does the current meaning of unschooling reflect its original use? We have a vast amount of choice for home education and alternative learning now. How is this effecting the legal and political realm in her state?

Success~What does it mean to be a successful homeschooling family? Because her children attended college and one graduated from Harvard, does Milva feel they have reached success? Is graduation from a top university the best measure? Do you need to go to college to lead a fulfilling life?

"One of the great things about homeschooling is that it opens you up to the idea that you can do things differently"

Milva ends with advice for parents that want to try homeschooling but are scared to take the leap. She encourages us to prioritize what's important. She says "homeschooling was successful for us because it's a great lifestyle. That spirit of curiosity and excitement that pervaded their childhood, continues."


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