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SmartHER Summary

As we prepare to celebrate America's independence, we reflect on the power of choice.

A simple choice to rebel gave birth to our nation.

And this week’s news reminds us how choices (both big and small) *still* shape our course.

At the highest court of the land, a choice can change the outcome for an entire nation. Justice Anthony Kennedy's choice to retire (and choice to deliver his resignation letter to the White House in person) – sets in motion a shake-up at the Supreme Court with major implications, as shown in the court's split decision in favor of the President’s controversial travel ban.

In politics, the choices made by voters (and political parties) during primary elections *potentially* foreshadow the future.

Democrats in New York chose an unknown socialist outsider over a well-known moderate congressman.

Republicans in South Carolina chose Trump-backed or well-known (well-funded) establishment candidates. Despite our heated rhetoric, Americans choose a peaceful transfer of power.

An important reminder as we learn since September, more than 130 politicians and candidates have been murdered in Mexico leading up to this weekend's presidential election.

Small choices can have big impact. A choice to focus on plastic straw pollution has changed policy in major American cities with others potentially following.

When we choose to have our coffee (and how much we choose to drink) may determine how well we perform as researchers develop an app to help us choose wisely Choosing wisely is all parents want to do when considering when to give children a cell phone - new data exposes WHY that choice remains so crucial. And one of the biggest actors in Hollywood chooses God (though, as he tells it, perhaps God chose him).

Our freedom of choice became a beacon of light in a dark world. Ellis Island Historian Barry Moreno talks to SmartHER News about how America chose to implement immigration policy more than 100 years ago - a fascinating conversation on our past choices and how they inform the present. Thats what choices give us - a uniquely American ability to change.

Thank you for choosing us – we won’t let you down, Jenna & SmartHER Squad P.S. we have a great podcast ready for the 4th of July – an in-depth look at the moment when America almost lost it all. Bloody footprints in the snow and a choice to continue changed everything. Watch for it next week!

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