Sneaky Dragon Episode 476


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Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Sneaky Dragon! We never close! (Our mouths!)

This week: the tell-tale octopus; fish brains; the stricken record; Transformers gourmand; cartoon fun; the Popeye of the beholder; popular hillbillies; living off the land; moon money; impractical schemes; the perfect crime; the wizard equation; LOTR nerdery; The Hobbit films are garbage; broody dwarf; Dopey the monk; new segment; vampire amnesia; Dave’s new obsession; true Hollywood stories; soaped up; mind candy; reverse psychopathy; Jedi = vampire; apologies all round; easy peasy, cheesy squeezey; some like it hot; all creatures; likely lasses; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; delicious grey gloop; the unstoppable Ted Danson; is it a sit-com; you need a star gate; le Vachon qui rit; no to banana flavour; Maul’s well that ends well; disgusting food; and, finally, another chocolate air drop.

Thanks for listening.

Question of the Week (from Canaan Grall!): How did you discover Sneaky Dragon? How long have you been a Sneaker?
Sub-question: What TV show(s) have you been obsessed with?

Video Corner

Want to watch Ian yak it up with fellow Critical Hit performers and former friends of the show, Joanna Gaskell and Eric Fell, please follow this link!

Ian would like you to watch this classic SCTV sketch!

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