Sneaky Dragon Episode 455


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Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to Episode 455 of the neverendingest podcast that never ended!

This week: professional; egg-sploded; fruit tomb; brown bananas; Miranda rights; universal translator; deep nerd; replacement heaven; Addams Family rules; Scoobie-Doo celebs; animated determinism; a potted history of bubblegum music; Scoobie-Doo knock-offs; French actors; Shmoo-plosion; solving mysteries in Hell; Shazam-ophiles; but which Elliot Maggin?; Fifties iconography; great villains; the Monster Sociey of Evil; Mary Marvel’s mix-up; Minimalist Mouse; inevitable blather; disaster!; creative destruction; Dave’s hubris; fire festival; a tour of the Okanagan; kidfeet; terrible American roads; unCanadian; cartoon eroticism; exorbitant pizza; new vegetables (and fruit); and, finally, go-to demon names.

Thanks for listening.

Demand of the week: Recommend an under-appreciated movie with a short blurb to convince people it’s worth seeing.
Question of the week: What’s your favourite TV theme song?
Sub-question of the week: Which of the many namesakes in the Marvel Family universe is your favourite?

Jonathan Bampton’s favourite bumper sticker:

Louise’s ichthys infographic:

That sexy Race Bannon with his homoerotic shirt:

Follow this link for a gay re-appraisal of Saturday morning cartoons – “Race Bannon Made Me Gay”.

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