GGG: Systematic Theology (Dr. Cornelis Venema)


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Dr. Cornelis Venema is President and Professor of Doctrinal Studies at Mid-America Reformed Seminary in Dyer, IN.

He is an ordained minister in the URC (United Reformed Churches) and has been teaching in the seminary context and pastoring for over 30 years since his ordination. His interests lie in Reformation theology (especially the work of John Calvin and Heinrich Bullinger) and preaching doctrinally rich and practical sermons to the people of God. His books cover a range of topics, but mostly within various topics of systematic theology: Predestination, Eschatology, and Historical Theology.

Join us as Dr. Venema explains the use and misconceptions of Systematic Theology, how it both differs and is helped by the other areas of Christian theology, and its necessity in grounding the preached Word to the people of God.

Resources from Dr. Venema :

  • Christ and the Future
  • Christ and Covenant Theology
  • Chosen in Christ
  • But for Grace of God
  • The Gospel of Free Acceptance in Christ
  • Getting the Gospel Right
  • The Lord’s Supper and the ‘Popish Mass’
  • Accepted and Renewed in Christ

Other Resources Mentioned :

  • Everyone’s a Theologian – R.C. Sproul

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