Seeing What Our Juries See And Winning Life’s Trials With Heather Hansen


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Living our day to day lives can feel like a trial. Be it personally or professionally; we face our own set of juries whose opinions we tend to regard the most. These could be our clients, customers, or even our team members. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton seeks the wisdom of Heather Hansen about understanding what our juries see and how we can use that to our advantage. A lawyer, podcast host, and bestselling author with a psychology degree, Heather has the know-how on dealing with our jury, which she calls the Five Cs—from creating a message that directly speaks to them, to the work on body language that most resonates. She shares all of that with us while talking about the lessons she learned as a trial lawyer that leaders can also pick up. With her book, The Elegant Warrior, Heather then shows us some of the ways we can win life’s trials without losing ourselves in the process.

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